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Internet Bandwidth for Business

• 10 Mbps to 10Gbps
• Fiber, Metro Ethernet, T1, DSL Transport
• Tier 2 Carrier - Direct Fiber with National Peering Points
• Redundant Fiber Networks
• Consistant, Fast, Reliable Speeds
• Q.o.S. and C.o.S. Connections for Voice over IP or Video
• 24/7 by 365 Monitoring, Reporting and Proactive Repair
• Spam Filtered E-mail
• DNS and Web Hosting
• Hosted Exchange and Sharepoint

The next generation of internet at your property.


We provide high speed, reliable, secure, Internet using Smart Wi-Fi technology. Bandwidth capacity at your property is dedicated solely to your property, instantly scalable, redundant and monitored 24/7.


You can access the internet from anywhere within your property at download speeds starting from 1 Mbps to 30 Mbps and beyond based on service level selected for property.


Not only monitored 24/7 but your network also comes standard with many other security features free of charge. Anti-virus, content filtering and intrusion detection and prevention help keep you safe on the web.


With our wireless network technology you can access the internet with multiple devices anywhere within your property and your unit without the need for additional wireless home networking equipment.


We provide hotspot access to multiple areas at your property. You can use Wi-Fi access to surf the net at the pool, the club house and most any other designated common area within the community.

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